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Diana Serban is a Communication Specialist and PhD in Communication Sciences. In 2018, she launched her content marketing agency, DMBC - The Media and Branded Company that operates from Bucharest, serving clients from France, Romania and Moldova. She aims to grow the agency even more and address the North-American market in the following 5 years. Diana started working in content marketing 10 years ago, when she landed her first job in a PR agency. Then, the idea of content marketing continued to appear in everything she did, showing her there was a lot of potential with this niche.

During these times it’s perfectly normal to ask yourself, as a marketer, how you should adapt your content so that it would make a difference and stand out in the crowd. In the following article, we will try to disseminate some of the most important aspects to keep in mind when preparing your content strategy […]

According to eMarketing Institute, montent marketing represents a long-term approach through you follow to satisfy your audience’s needs through relevant, unique and, consistent content. The satisfaction of these needs will be concretized after all in the acquisitions that your clients will make. We’ll detail these benefits of content marketing in the article below. An essential […]

In the last article, we have shown you the benefits of including content marketing in your marketing strategy. The numbers show us content marketing represents an inbound marketing strategy that can constantly generate notable results. To get the results you want, you need to build your content strategy carefully. Check below the first things you […]

The idea of influencer marketing becomes the background for a modern-day content driven marketing campaign, in which old and new marketing tools are combined. To be really remarkable in 2020 is something to see. In a period of time when almost everyone lacks motivation, drive to work or even to get out of bed, to […]

Successful content marketing is about creating a connection between your audience and your brand. In everything we do as brands, context matters. Beyond the basic actions taken to protect employees and businesses during a crisis, brands can either help or hinder our collective experience. So when a cultural moment shifts as dramatically as it has in […]

Like everyone else, marketing and communication professionals have had a challenging few weeks. As the pandemic expands, marketers and customer experience professionals have done their best to keep up with and bridge swiftly shifting consumer and brand needs. These are the most common 7 behaviors brands adopted in the early days…

Corporate communication is taking the lead, but maintaining a dialogue with consumers should also be a priority. How do you manage it all as a marketing manager? In China, which has reported more than 80,000 cases than any other country, the coronavirus has created an unstable terrain for local and foreign brands operating in the […]

November 3, 2019


Content Insights


As we approach 2021, we know that the path to purchase is continually shifting and becoming hyper-fragmented. Even the direct-to-consumer markets, which have seen phenomenal annual growth, are seeking opportunities to future-proof themselves against shifting consumer priorities. More so than ever, that’s the shift that matters – it’s no longer a path to purchase, it’s […]

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