Brand Magazine / External Circulation

branded magazine external circulation


One of our clients in the Beauty Industry wanted a media product to help the end customer better understand his products. At the same time, they wanted to retain customers who entered their brand stores.

Our solution

We proposed a quarterly brand magazine, in print format, to lead to the fulfillment of these objectives. We presented a print version because the age of the audience is 45+. This is an audience accustomed to printed content, who like spending their time reading on the couch. We also considered the lifestyle of the audience we were addressing when we proposed the categories that would define the magazine.


Within the 4+ years, we have achieved the goal of creating a closer connection between the brand and its consumers. Many of them walk into the stores and ask when the new magazine issue will become available. In addition, they provide feedback about the magazine. Sometimes the feedback is offered on the brand’s social networks. So, we can say that we created engagement 360 through this brand media product.

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