Branded Magazine / Internal Communication

branded magazine internal circulation


One of the largest wine producers in South-Eastern Europe asked for our help in order to find a way to communicate with their employees. In an industry where most employees came from a rural background, corporate messages in a digital format did not reach a great number of team members. The consequence of this failure in communication was that people did not feel like they were part of the team and were not aware of what was going on in their company.

Our solution

We suggested they should have a brand magazine, in printed format, that would circulate internally only. This product was to function as a printed newsletter and would be received by every employee via e-mail. In this way, our client ensured that important messages about the company and other team members would reach all colleagues.


We successfully created a brand magazine concept encompassing 48 pages, using very thin (80-gram) paper, so that the product may be easily carried and stored. We opted for thick covers with soft touch foiling and selective varnish applied on top of the magazine’s title in order to provide an overall elegant, quality style, in line with the client’s brand directions.