When creating a content marketing strategy, brands must pay the utmost attention to the message they intend to deliver. A brand that plans on successfully communicating and building loyalty among its audience has to ensure that the content is valuable and purposeful. Moreover, the format that the brand chooses for content delivery must serve both the audience’s needs and the business objectives. That is why iCONic talks was born, a branded podcast that not only provides insightful discussions surrounding mental health but increases lead generation and loyalty.

Let’s talk about mental health

Oana Nicolau Clinic Network, the mental health division of the Regina Maria private healthcare network, was wondering how it could enhance its communication in order to improve not only brand awareness but the cognition of its qualitative services in the corporate setting. And, since DMBC is plenty resourceful when it comes to ideas and solutions, we proposed a branded podcast to cater to their objectives best.

A branded podcast, the perfect aid for a B2B audience

As we were listening to the brief, we could not help but think of a branded podcast as the best-suited product for a B2B audience. We first considered the audience’s characteristics. We discovered that many employees and team leaders altogether experience burnout, stress, anxiety and amplified fears from tense situations. These situations can affect their career-wise performance and limit their potential as family members, friends and partners. 

After understanding the key audience, we aligned their needs with Oana Nicolau Clinic Network and Regina Maria’s purpose. The goal was to offer knowledge and support on these emotional and mental health issues. That is when iCONic Talks was born, a branded podcast that represents our intention of delivering the right content in a more entertaining, flexible way.

A branded podcast that exceeded our expectation

Even though we never doubted our idea for a second, it was still a pleasant surprise to discover the bigger impact of our branded podcast. Not only we have demonstrated once again that you can never go wrong with truly valuable, authentic content, but we managed to exceed Oana Nicolau Clinic Network and Regina Maria’s brand objectives. Our branded podcast became a profitable tool for lead generation. 

We invited leaders and their teams to insightful discussions on emotional and mental health. Moreover, we hosted numerous business experts to share their experiences. The plan was for iCONic Talks to serve as a perfect reflection of Oana Nicolau Clinic Network and Regina Maria; a reflection of their qualitative services, intentions and success. 

DMBC overreached the expectations, as well. We confirmed once again our content expertise. And furthermore, we proved our ability to deliver the most creative solutions, flawlessly adapted to our collaborators’ needs.

Why you should bet on creating a branded podcast, as well

Even though brands become more people-oriented, they still have business objectives to accomplish, sales included. A branded podcast has the power to transform your commercial intention into a genuine offer to fulfil your audience’s needs. Through inspirational, worthwhile content, you can easily showcase the benefits offered by your brand. You can highlight them while demonstrating a guileless interest in your audience. 

The benefits of creating a branded podcast continue as the intimate and conversational nature of the podcast environment creates an elevated state of engagement (16% higher) for brand mentions, according to a recent study by BBC Global News’s branded content division. Furthermore, the majority of people consume a branded podcast while doing other tasks. This habit doesn’t affect the impact of the media product, as initially believed. In fact, the active group of respondents scored more highly on all measures – engagement (+18%), emotional intensity (+40%) and long-term memory of the podcast (+22%). 

Another advantage highlighted by the BBC study regards subconscious associations with the brand created by its listeners. This happens as through perpetually repeating keywords.

Branded podcast: a source of evergreen content

Branded podcasts are a visionary tool with never-ending growth and success. In addition, they are a stand-alone trend in the newest 2022 report by CMA (Content Marketing Association). The article also includes the recommendation to create evergreen content, which is a timeless means to draw organic traffic, educate your audience, and position yourself as an industry authority, as Neil Patel explains. But why have we made the connection between branded podcasts and evergreen content? 

A branded podcast can easily generate evergreen content, as you can explore a wide variety of continuously relevant subjects. These are useful to both your loyal community and stakeholders who recently discovered your brand. For example, iCONic Talks delves into emotional and mental health issues that affect employees and team leaders. The conversations included transcend time periods, offering invaluable content. And because its content is evergreen, it cannot become an outdated source of brand communication for the Oana Nicolau Clinic. 

Testimonial from Sorin Nicolau, Co-Founder & CEO of Oana Nicolau Clinic Network

The collaboration with DMBC, for almost 1 year, has brought us much greater visibility in the corporate environment. With the help of the iCONic Talks podcast, created entirely by DMBC, we were able to create new leads, sign new contracts and more than that, long-term relationships with business leaders. The whole project had been nominated at Webstock for Best Brand Podcast 2021. Thanks to the entire team.

If you are interested in learning more about what we can provide for your brand, check our portfolio. And why not, perhaps give us a call.