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During these times it’s perfectly normal to ask yourself, as a marketer, how you should adapt your content so that it would make a difference and stand out in the crowd. In the following article, we will try to disseminate some of the most important aspects to keep in mind when preparing your content strategy […]

According to eMarketing Institute, montent marketing represents a long-term approach through you follow to satisfy your audience’s needs through relevant, unique and, consistent content. The satisfaction of these needs will be concretized after all in the acquisitions that your clients will make. We’ll detail these benefits of content marketing in the article below. An essential […]

If you haven’t focused on content marketing so far, you’re probably wondering how effective such a tactic could be for your business. What KPIs to follow in a content marketing strategy, what costs they generate, and when to expect results, in the article below. Through a consistent content strategy, pull marketing wins over push marketing. […]

Most consumers want to have access to content about their favorite brands. According to a report by Meaningful Brands in 2019, 9 out of 10 consumers constantly want content from the brands they appreciate. Thus, we realize how vital this segment is for each brand. Although it seems easy to create such a plan, there […]

In the last article, we have shown you the benefits of including content marketing in your marketing strategy. The numbers show us content marketing represents an inbound marketing strategy that can constantly generate notable results. To get the results you want, you need to build your content strategy carefully. Check below the first things you […]

The idea of influencer marketing becomes the background for a modern-day content driven marketing campaign, in which old and new marketing tools are combined. To be really remarkable in 2020 is something to see. In a period of time when almost everyone lacks motivation, drive to work or even to get out of bed, to […]

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