During these times it’s perfectly normal to ask yourself, as a marketer, how you should adapt your content so that it would make a difference and stand out in the crowd.

In the following article, we will try to disseminate some of the most important aspects to keep in mind when preparing your content strategy for the post-COVID future.

Don’t forget about content marketing’s main objective

At its core, content marketing is about helping audiences solve problems. In recent times, we’ve seen countless businesses, employees, and communities face new and unprecedented challenges for which there is no pre-existing playbook. High-quality, relevant content can be invaluable at a time like this. This is why in such a dramatic and rapid shift in what audiences need we must prove our helping nature.

Don’t say it unless you have something unique to say

What helped us most these days at DMBC was striving to deliver unique value without asking anything in return. Secondly, we consistently gathered feedback and monitored engagement rates. This way, adjust our strategy to be as efficient as possible.

We know, it can become tiresome and you can even feel down on your energy and inspiration. But what matters the most is to make use of your inner human feelings and show empathy, support, and understanding.

Publish scheduled content, but always be on the lookout

Delivering scheduled content helps to rank higher in search and also maintain a cohesive marketing plan. Not delaying and using a content calendar to plan ahead of time allows you to create a consistent flow of content. That flow continues to build towards your marketing goals developing a unified voice for your brand as experts in your industry.

Be mindful of the fact that sometimes there might be a case where the scheduled posts wouldn’t be appropriate or relevant. You will have to be agile: adapt and be ahead of your audience to deliver what you think might be useful and helpful for them at that very moment. We encountered some situations when we had to change almost all of our content.

Create content based on research and data

It is proven that a reliable content marketing strategy is based on research and case studies since solid evidence to support a claim is extremely important. Most persistent and trustworthy readers are ones who need data and scientific research to make their marketing choice.

This is even more applicable today in these challenging times. People pay more attention to any information that would help them make the best decision. Thus, reasoned and based-on-arguments information is hugely valuable especially when used to generate ideas, create influential statements and finally shape your content strategy.

At DMBC we always define our content strategy based on relevant and trustworthy sources, combining personalized texts with a focus on our client’s most important needs.

Lessons to take with you

What should be borne in mind is that after these times, we must learn to become adaptable and present. Paying attention to what happens out there, so that we can help people the best we can. Always ask yourself if whatever you post, write or broadcast will be helpful and trustworthy for your customers.

Hence, avoid writing just for the sake of it, trying to put your clients’ needs above yours. Don’t lose hope, as this is just a gap that needs to be filled with valuable and unique content that will differentiate you from the masses.

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