Let’s make an imagination exercise, shall we? Envision what a normal work day at D-MBC looks like. Could you picture it? Neither could we. In fact, all we could think about is that no day is like the other, but we’ll try to paint the most accurate picture just for you. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes glimpse together!

Fun things you wouldn’t expect we do at D|MBC:

It’s not often that a day at work leaves you fulfilled, right? But that’s what always happens at our content marketing company as you will discover below… 

9:00 AM – It’s our single moment of silence and routine. Only the sound of coffee brewing pierces our usually jolly office, as we check our email and go over the plan for the day. Client meetings, deadlines, new and ongoing projects – everything is jotted down on our list of the day.

9:30 AM – Once we are caffeinated and ready to go, we dive into our work at full speed! And so the magic begins…

We all start with thorough research on our clients. Delivering trendy and high quality content is our specialty, but knowing the customers like we know ourselves is what pumps the blood throughout our company. We have a reputation for delivering services according to their exact needs, while boosting brand consistency and ensuring long-term partnerships . And if you don’t believe us, take a peek at our portfolio; the results speak for themselves.

10:30 AM – Everyone is working diligently on various tasks. Whether it’s lead searching, writing articles or playing around with visual effects for a digital campaign, we try to make our work as enjoyable and collaborative as possible. After all, it’s what we love to do.

12:00 AM – Is everything still up and running? Perhaps someone needs a touch of inspiration. Fear not! We come up with an impromptu brainstorming session, bounce ideas off each other, throw in some jokes, laughs and witty banter and, just like that, we get out of any potential creative deadlock.

12:30 AM –  Let’s get some lunch! Time to relax and recharge our creative drive. 

1:30 PM  – We’re back in the office, but just as we prepare to resume our tasks, our trusted advisor on beauty and make-up walks through the door. You see… It’s not all work and no play at D-MBC and now we’re getting camera-ready. 

In case you didn’t already know, we have our own branded podcast where we discuss the latest industry trends on content marketing and exchange valuable insights with experts in the field.

2:30 PM –  Lights, camera, action! While some of us gather around the microphone armed with fresh ideas, the rest of the team is taking behind-the-scenes pics. At D-MBC, we cannot help but create inspiring content out of every moment and no sooner does the podcast recording stop, that we already have loads of photos and videos for social media.

3:30 PM – After wrapping up the podcast, we get back to our content creation tasks. We write and edit blog posts, design eye-catching graphics, and craft compelling posts for both our company and our clients’. In the meantime,our ABM team is constantly on the lookout for new partnerships, nurturing the existing ones and increasing brand awareness on the go.

5:00 PM – We finalize the content and review it with the team. We make sure that everything is aligned with the clients’ goals and our brand voice, we review our progress and make sure that we are on track for the following days. 

6:00 PM – That’s all for today folks! Tomorrow’s a mystery and who knows what else will pop up on our to-do list. But one thing is for sure – this pack of talented writers and dedicated marketers is here to stay and deliver the best content for your business.

As you can see, our days at D-MBC are never boring and the unexpected is what best describes them. Sprinkle lots of creativity and good practices on top and that’s how you obtain the D-MBC spirit. Whatever we do, we try to stay ahead of the curve, put emphasis on storytelling, generate evergreen content and keep our clients’ business goals close to our hearts.

Let’s connect! We look forward to inspiring you and the perfect content for your company is just one call away.