There is no doubt that the way a brand communicates with its customers affects their buying decisions and loyalty. Brands no longer just have to sell their products, as their messages’ direction must shift from a commercial perspective to a storytelling one in order to reach consumers’ expectations. In an effort to offer valuable, original content to their clients, FARMEC has asked for our expertise regarding one of their brands. That is how, through collective efforts, the Gerovital Brand Magazine was born. 

Just a brief or the search for innovation? 

FARMEC, the biggest cosmetics company in Romania, wanted to differentiate its brand, Gerovital, through innovative methods. Their goals were to create a media product that would help the end customer to better understand the brand’s products, as well as, retain the attention of customers who entered their brand stores. They no longer envisioned a commercial solution as they were looking to break the barriers surrounding brand communication. 

…then they discovered us.

Thinking outside the box

We were deeply intrigued by FARMEC’s brief, as our mission was and continues to be centered towards fully exploring the possibilities of content marketing. That is why we proposed a quarterly brand magazine, in print format, to lead to the fulfillment of both our and their objectives. The print version was the best choice as their target audience is 45+, the category accustomed to print magazines, who like spending time on the couch reading. We also considered the audience’s lifestyle when we proposed the categories that would ultimately define the magazine, leaving no detail behind. 

The effects of remarkable strategies on branded magazine

After four delightful years of working on Gerovital Magazine, we are pleased to say it is one of our greatest projects and has completely achieved its goals. We succeeded in creating a closer connection between the brand and its consumers, with many of them frequently asking in stores for the following number’s releasing date and providing direct feedback about the magazine, be it face to face or on the brand’s social networks. We fell in love with this project and with the wonderful people at FARMEC with whom we manage to develop 360 engagement through this brand media product. 

Insight from Gerovital’s team on the branded magazine: extract from D-PODCAST’s episode with Liliana Popa, PR Manager, FARMEC S.A

‘’We wanted to create a magazine for women, a glossy magazine in the truest meaning of the word, not only a booklet filled with promotions, in which to present our products in a commercial way. Our wish was to offer useful, original, interesting content and to create a magazine which our customers could hold dear and take with them on vacations, a magazine to be kept. And through this magazine we intend to form an emotional connection between the brand and their customers.’’ 

‘’We use the magazine firstly as a marketing channel for our stores, but we use it as a branding tool for PR, lifestyle events or for sending packages to our collaborators, as it is a bonus. We wanted to give something extra to our collaborators or the stores’ clients, whom to offer, besides the samples and other gifts added to their shopping bag, a beautiful, useful magazine.’’ 

‘’[On brands becoming publishers through their branded media content] I think that is the biggest challenge nowadays in the communication domain. It is also important that specialists [in this case brands] start a dialogue with consumers and offer them pieces of information based on research.’’

Testimonial from Andra Șumandea, Marketing Specialist, FARMEC S.A

‘’A beautiful project always has a beautiful story behind it. This is how our collaboration with the DMBC team began, more than 2 years ago [now 4 years]. I had the pleasure and the luck, I can say, to meet Diana, a person full of ideas, ambition and a lot of organization, who helped us to implement a challenging project – that of having our own branded magazine

A magazine through which we wanted to be closer to our consumers, to all those who appreciate and use our products, with advice and specialized recommendations, with care routines and news. Thanks to the entire DMBC team for the support, dedication and creativity you show in each issue of our Gerovital Magazine!’’

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