Marketers are constantly looking for ways to enhance their communication. And one of the most effective ways to accomplish your business objectives is to leverage your brand’s presence on LinkedIn. Discover how to use LinkedIn for business marketing and turn its perks into long-term benefits. 

What is LinkedIn marketing? 

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms for business social connections, with 4 out of 5 people registered holding decisional power in their companies, according to LinkedIn itself. And with 80% of B2B Sales Interactions between suppliers and buyers estimated to occur in Digital Channels by 2025, as stated by Gartner, marketers have understood that LinkedIn might be just the answer for their future campaigns. 

The only thing left to discover was how to use LinkedIn for business marketing. And that is when LinkedIn marketing appeared. LinkedIn marketing represents using LinkedIn to make connections, generate leads, improve brand awareness, foster business relationships, and partnerships, share content, and drive traffic to your website, explains HubSpot. Truly a multi-purpose platform that promises to become a great source of benefits for your brand. 

Leverage your brand’s presence

LinkedIn helps you connect with your audience and encourages interactions. But an empty profile or page will make your strategy futile. Delivering content is necessary because it backs up your presence and supports your future objectives. And that reflects in the choice of the 93% of B2B content marketers who use LinkedIn for organic social marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute

When signing onto the journey on how to use LinkedIn for business marketing, you have two choices: whether to create a page or a profile. Pages are usually destined for brands, while the other is for people. But what if we told you that including both approaches will get you closer to achieving your goals?

Specific approaches to specific goals

Your brand page is a source of creating brand awareness through the generated content. You can not start dreaming of results without ensuring your audience knows what you can provide. As stated by Forbes, building a strong branding presence means giving clarity to the vision, mission, target market, and products and services sold. That is why you must keep consistency in your communication and focus on delivering impactful messages. 

A noted idea for doubling down on your results is for your sales team to create individual profiles. LinkedIn Profiles have the unique ability to have one-on-one, private conversations with connections who request to join your network, for an individualized approach to your business, according to HubSpot. And this personalized approach is what your marketing strategy is most likely to miss since 40% of B2B marketers still find it challenging to develop the right content for their target audience, states LinkedIn

It all comes down to leads.

Personalized content shapes meaningful individual experiences which capture the optimal balance between transaction and emotion, concludes PwC. LinkedIn helps you do that and more since it provides the base for generating qualitative leads. But make sure that while establishing how to use LinkedIn for business marketing, you add lead nurturing to your list.  

Lead nurturing campaigns aid you in building long-lasting relationships with your prospects. LinkedIn is great for nurturing leads as it leaves room for automation. And as Salesforce presents, businesses that use marketing automation experience a 451% increase in qualified leads. Moreover, to further your effort for more outstanding results, don’t shy away from trying Account-Based Marketing, which unites the Sales and Marketing teams to develop the best experience for prospects. And it works so well that 84% said ABM provided significant benefits to retaining and expanding existing client relationships, according to Adobe’s Marketo

LinkedIn can become more than your go-to platform for social networking. As you have learned how to use LinkedIn for business marketing, you can get creative with your next campaign and expand the opportunities for your brand.