Wondering what will be the big Instagram marketing trends for 2019? All Instagram companies have one thing in common: the desire to increase Instagram engagement. Let’s see what’s new in Insta Stories and how to take advantage of it according to later.com…

Priority of personal content

The combination of Instagram users who follow more accounts, watch more stories, and the Instagram algorithm that prioritizes personal content has made regular Instagram feeds simply not seen as much as they used to.

In addition, when you reduce the number of impressions on your posts, you will likely see a decrease in engagement. Engagement on Instagram feeds has been steadily decreasing in recent years. By 2019, it’s time to change your definition of “Instagram Engagement” and focus on interacting with your subscribers via Instagram Stories instead of your regular feeds.

Instastories’ assault

Instagram Stories has exploded in recent years: more than 400 million people watch stories every day. Here for later, we are currently treating Instagram Stories as its own social channel, following traffic from stories separately from the traffic generated by the link in our Instagram bio.

Just like you have a content calendar for your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels, by 2019, you will want to do the same with Instagram Stories.

So when it comes to increasing Instagram engagement, instead of just focusing on how to get more likes on your posts in the thread, it’s time to turn to the Instagram Stories Stickers.

We could even see Instagram Stories brand stickers, similar to how brands can create their own face filters for Instagram Stories.

Until then, you can still create your own branding GIF Instagram Stories! Here are two ways to use branded GIF on Instagram Stories in 2019:

Create stickers that match your brand and use them in your own Instagram stories.

For Later.com’s Instagram stories, the team created GIF call-to-action stickers in their brand colors to encourage users to “slide up”. These stickers also give their stories a perfect look on the brand.

Create brand stickers that your fans can use in their Instagram stories.

The summer of 2018 was the summer of Aperol Spritz and it seemed like you could not open Instagram this summer without seeing someone publish the famous orange cocktail. Aperol enthusiasts from all over the world could easily decorate their stories with beautiful brand gifs by searching for “Aperol”, spreading brand awareness to all their followers!

Whether you’re publishing a survey or answering questions from your fans, 2019 will be an important year for Instagram Stories because they have proven to be a really fun, creative and personal way for brands to interact and interact with their customers. !