In marketing, we often talk about storytelling but there are few companies that can master this technique to perfection. In addition there is a big difference between making stories instead of telling stories. Let’s see what’s the difference.

Enigma, a well-known branding agency, is coming. to write on his blog a few weeks ago about a German fashion brand that understands that effective storytelling can have an inestimable impact.

One day, buying a suit, I went in front of the mirror and I studied the style of the garment by turning it in all directions. And there, I discovered an inscription on the inner lining. Three little words in English: “For beautiful people”. 

” You are very handsome “

Which immediately influenced my emotional state in a positive way. I felt valued. These three words simply suggest that the people who wear this pants are beautiful. How to resist my desire to buy it? “

What we can observe is that the brand does not speak about itself. The company has found a smart way to communicate its message by putting the consumer at the center. “For beautiful people” tells a unique story. This sentence tells us that consumers are beautiful. And as this is only registered on the clothing of this brand, the logical conclusion is that it is the products of this company that created the beauty.

What is Storymaking

The story no longer focuses on the brand itself but only on the consumer, and this is the ultimate storytelling. There is therefore a stronger impact: it’s called storymaking: use of brands has an effect on our lives.

Most of the time, the brands speak too much about themselves: “Our products do this, our products do that …” By using this method, the stories lose their magic.

Storymaking puts the consumer at the center and really touches the emotions.