For many years, I worked with a talented content marketer who often insisted that she was not a “creative person”. Although there was a lot of evidence she refused to believe her brain was able to generate great innovative ideas or turn them into a revolutionary narrative.

Rather than arguing with her, I thought to prove her – and, by extension, any other marketer who thinks that the elaboration of imaginative, one-of-a-kind content is a better job left to “artistic types” – badly once for all.

To do this, I have collected compelling evidence, insights, and advice from some of the most imaginative, inspiring, and downright impressive minds in the world of creative content.

Stand out from your competitors.

When you cut the noise in a cluttered space, take a lesson from outstanding marketing vloggers Andrew and Pete: Believe that “playing by following the leader will always keep you late,” the duo broadcast videos full of advice with their signature original charm and forged an award-winning niche for themselves in the process.

Increase your reach and your influence.

No single marketing approach will work forever or for everyone. If you want to bring new people to your thinking – and get them to share with their friends – have a range of broad creative traits to attract them.

Overcome the fatigue of attention:

Over time, even your most popular pieces of content can be overshadowed by the brilliant things that hit the news feeds and inboxes of your subscribers. Delivering something unexpected can shake cobwebs and revive the passion they felt when they signed to engage with your business.

Revitalizing Your Content Team

It can be difficult for content creators to stay focused and motivated when they produce the same pieces of content over and over. By giving them the time and space to explore new ideas, they can reinforce their sense of belonging to their work and their satisfaction at work.

You could be the next creative brain (yes, you!)

Despite what status quo supporters can think, creativity can come from anywhere – and from anyone. Do not believe me? Maybe the opinion of a creative genius (and minister of nonsense) will have more weight:

“Creativity is not a talent – it’s a way of operating” – John Cleese