We can overcome the Covid – 19 crisis through a kindness contract

Diana Serban

Kindness is such a rare attribute nowadays that we barely imagine it can deliver specific business results. We are convinced far too often that entrepreneurship is about competitiveness, hard work…

I think #different.

Entrepreneurship is first of all about #softskills: kindness, empathy, emotional intelligence… being #human. Clients, employees, partners need to be perceived as complex human beings, not just as working tools. And since money are just a #socialconvention please ask yourself what should be the goal of any business…

Maybe something as #commonwelfare? 😁

Post by Diana

MarCom Specialist for national and international brands, Dian owns a content marketing agency based in Bucharest. She has studied Digital Marketing @CREA Genève. In addition, she is a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences, with MA in Business Management and Journalism.

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