If you are up to speed on our content marketing ideas, you already know that high-quality visuals and engaging Instagram posts get your audience’s heart racing. But hear us out – we have more insider tips to take your business to new heights. It’s time to post teaser photos on Instagram to fire up your launch campaign and make your followers beg for more. Let’s find out how…

Teasing on social media

A teaser is a post – image or video – that lets your audience know about the release of a new product or service. Teaser posts feed your customers information, but it is an outstanding way to highlight your new product and pique interest around your brand. 

First milestone. Essential content marketing ideas to swear by:

Before you set out with teaser photos on Instagram, bear in mind:

What’s your goal? Do you have products to sell? What services do you want to advertise? Or do you want to create brand awareness? 

Plan it out. There is meticulous planning around teaser photos. Build steady excitement toward your product launch with a straightforward approach. Consider how long your campaign will run and set your pre-launch hype posting period accordingly. Work around a week long. 

Time is everything. You need to find when your followers are most active on the platform before you post teasers. Don’t forget to monitor your engagement and determine when your followers will most likely be online using Instagram’s built-in analytics tools.

Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for each content strategy. Get inspired by some additional good practices on our YouTube channel.  

Time to hype your Instagram up

Now that we’ve reviewed our pre-teaser posting safety measures let’s get down to business!

The right teaser posts. Feel free to play with all Instagram features: images, carousels, reels, and stories. According to Succeed with Content, you can use them all to share behind-the-scenes shots, sneak peeks, and cropped images of your product. The key is to give your audience a little taste and create visually appealing teasers to showcase your products uniquely.

User-generated content. Share customers’ photos or reviews to create buzz around your services.

Quality before quantity. You already know that you have to offer your followers only top-notch visualizations of your business. But you have to be extra careful with teaser content. For example, Neil Patel warns us that behind-the-scenes posts might not exude “high-quality” like regular posts. Make sure to align with the brand’s aesthetic as well.  

Compelling captions. The goal is to foster anticipation and excitement for your upcoming event or product. Be persuasive in your expression. Use a strong call to action to encourage your followers to stay tuned for more.

We always gather the latest industry tips on content marketing so that you can always be ahead of the curve. See for yourself in our article about social media writing in 2023.  

Create a sense of urgency for every post you make. Hootsuite came up with a useful tip in that sense: apply countdown stickers on your stories and don’t cease to remind your followers of the launch date;

Get influencers on your side. By partnering with influencers from your industry, you will tap into their audience and leverage their reach to generate buzz around your launch.

See? There’s never been easier to excite your audiences and drive spectacular sales. So what are you waiting for? Open your Instagram and start building momentum towards your launch with teasers. Believe us. You’ll have your customers jump with excitement in no time.

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