Account-Based Marketing

It is easy to generate qualified leads. Especially with the help of a dedicated resource to support you in creating valuable communication and well-grounded relationships with future partners. Find out how you can optimize your marketing and sales strategies through a single LinkedIn account.

What does ABM on LinkedIn mean?

Linkedin ranks first among social networks in terms of generating qualified leads. And as we are experts at maximizing opportunities, we provide you with a considerable base of ideal prospects and the right messages to convince them that you are the best choice. At the same time, we can develop your LinkedIn profile through content folded to the needs of your audience.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

Why should you integrate ABM into your Sales strategy?

84% of marketers say they have achieved a better reputation and 74% stronger relationships following the adoption of ABM, as shown by ITSMA. Your company can count among these success stories too.

Lead Generation

Our ABM strategy on LinkedIn aims to generate long-term relationships between your brand and prospects. We accomplish that by identifying specific needs and sending the right messages.

Brand Awareness

Active LinkedIn accounts have more visibility. And when you invest in creating a profile for your sales team, you know that you're maximizing your chances of success.

Lead Nurturing

Not only do we support you in generating qualified leads but we make sure you remain their favorite partner, always ready to offer the best solutions.

How does a successful ABM collaboration begin?

Your business goals will become ours too.


You share your goals with us, and we work to achieve them by implementing our procedure.

Dedicated resource

Your needs are our mission, which is why you will work with one dedicated person for quality lead generation.


We customize and add value to your messages to prospects to create trusted links.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

ABM's effectiveness is supported by statistics

82% of B2B marketers said ABM significantly improves collaboration between marketing and sales in their companies.

87% of B2B companies involved in ABM say ROI is higher than for other types of marketing.

84% of marketers say they have achieved a better reputation and 74% stronger relationships following the implementation of ABM.

Lead nurturing techniques generate an average of 20% increase in sales opportunities versus techniques that do not include lead nurturing.

66% of B2B buyers expect a personalized experience from their sales companies, according to their needs.

78% of B2B buyers are looking for sales teams that provide reliable information.

Conversion is 6x more likely when your target audience is exposed to messages about your brand and purchase on LinkedIn.

ABM work examples

ABM for the Wellbeing industry

We helped one of our clients in the wellbeing industry reach out to their targeted audience and complete long-term deals by addressing their needs and challenges and focusing on creating worthwhile connections.


Our focus is to always drive value through every idea and message. With our creative thinking and purpose to create authentic communication, we started to explore the power of ABM. And found the secret of worthwhile, trustful partnerships.


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