Branded Magazines

Using a commercial approach won’t help your brand appeal to your audience’s newest expectations. Branded Magazines can help you break brand communication barriers and shape your brand’s story. Curious to know how?

We're experts at adding value to your brand communication

Great communication relies on emotion, on care for your audience’s needs and desires. We have the power to shape a simple commercial message into a story that will get people hooked and ready to help you accomplish your business objectives.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

Branded Magazines are designed with success-holding pages

Choosing Branded Magazines for your next Marketing Campaign means simultaneously relishing a variety of benefits. Who would want to miss this opportunity?

Brand Awareness

Branded Magazines have the power to reach out and appeal to people who wouldn't normally engage with your brand and turn them into loyal consumers.

Greater Brand Understanding

Branded Magazines act as pillars of support for your audience's buying journeys to gain a better understanding of your brand.


When you link self-advertisement to emotional, human-centric stories, you create a new buying dimension to rapidly reach growing conversion rates.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

Branded Magazines are supported by statistics

83% of marketers believe it’s more effective to create higher quality content less often.

Branded content is 22x more engaging than display ads.

Consumers are 14% more likely to seek out additional content from an advertiser after being exposed to branded content.

Users who feel connected to a brand spend 2x as much money as those who don’t.

Great ideas come in great teams

We ensure safety, attention to detail, and careful consideration of the brand’s values and objectives. Moreover, we take care of everything so you can just enjoy the benefits. No wonder we’re the best choice for your brand!


From naming to design and branding details, we make sure all your wishes and ideas are brought to life.


We design the best strategy for your Branded Magazine to reach its expected benefits and business goals.


We lead your project towards becoming your audience's favorite source of specialized, entertaining content.

Branded magazines work examples

branded magazine external circulation

Gerovital Magazine

One of our clients in the Beauty Industry wanted a media product to help the end customer better understand their products. At the same time, they wanted to retain customers who walked into their brand stores.

Beyond Wine

One of the biggest wine producers in South-Eastern Europe contacted us to redesign their internal communication to reach both corporate and rural area employees. Thus, Beyond Wine brought a more powerful sense of belonging and collaboration.


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