Branded Podcasts

Your audience wants authenticity and value. Branded podcasts are meant to improve your brand recall and relationships, generate awareness and quality leads and drag you closer to mastering your communication. Sounds interesting?

We're experts at turning ideas into well-designed Branded Podcasts

Made of true believers in the power of storytelling, the DMBC team is an expert at nurturing emotions and creativity. When combining our Communicational beliefs and talent with our Marketing and Sales expertise, we provide you with the best results.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

Branded Podcasts create new communication opportunities

Tired of general solutions for your very specific needs? Branded podcasts can be fully customized to cater to your ideas and wishes.

Brand Awareness

You will be able to reach your audiences in those specific moments when they are not able to watch a screen… when driving, shopping, jogging, etc. Take this advantage before other brands even think to do it.

Lead Generation

Branded Podcasts emphasize your power to provide solutions and become a trustworthy partner to your prospects. More, they are a source of evergreen content, ideal for lead nurturing campaigns.

Powerful communication

Branded Podcasts are meant to be human-centric. Meeting your audience with insightful topics, tailored to their needs will grant an increased brand interest.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

Branded Podcasts are supported by statistics

94% of listeners consume podcasts while performing other tasks. This mode of listening actually elevates engagement with the brand.

Branded Podcasts help generate lifts in awareness (↑89%), brand consideration (↑57%), brand favorability (↑24%), and purchase intent (↑14%).

The intimate and conversational nature of the podcast environment creates an elevated state of engagement (16% higher) for brand mentions and provides a 12% higher memory encoding.

How will your success story start?

By telling your goals and us transforming them into our collective mission.

Strategy – Naming

We cater to every detail to create the most-suitable branding and strategy for your business objectives.

Content plan

Branded Podcasts are meant for telling stories. Our purpose is to help you shape them and find the best narrators.

Implementation & Publishing

We discuss the final details before giving heads-up to one of your best brand strategies.

Branded podcasts work examples

iCONic Talks

A podcast dedicated to HR people that raises awareness on emotional health topics for teams and elevates trust between the audience and the hosting brand, Oana Nicolau Clinic, the mental health division of Regina Maria Healthcare Network.

Recolamp Podcast

As one of the first Branded Podcasts in Romania, Recolamp achieved the desired awareness of pollution dangers and the long-term benefits of taking sustainable lifestyle choices.

Research in the Spotlight

UEFISCDI partnered with us to provide an overview of the research community in Romania and Europe while also encouraging the drive for innovation.


Dedicated to the MarCom Community of professionals, it is our very own branded podcast. The purpose was to showcase our expertise and love for great communication in a creative, self-representing way.


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