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Are you interested in discovering the benefits that branded podcasts can bring to your brand? They have been shown to elevate brand recall, foster stronger relationships, increase brand awareness, enhance lead quality, and improve communication skills. 

We're experts at turning ideas into well-designed Branded Podcasts

Made of true believers in the power of storytelling, the DMBC team is an expert at nurturing emotions and creativity. 

When combining our Communicational beliefs and talent with our Marketing and Sales expertise, we provide you with the best results.

If you are looking for an experienced podcast production company, we’re here to help.

branded podcasts

The Media and Branded Content Co.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

Branded Podcasts for busy times

Branded podcast production offers complete customization to meet your unique ideas and preferences. 

Brand Awareness

Did you know you can connect with your audience even while they're on the go? This includes activities like driving, shopping, or even jogging. By doing so, you can make the most out of moments when they cannot watch a screen.

Lead Generation

Branded Podcasts emphasize your power to provide solutions and become a trustworthy partner to your prospects. Moreover, they are a source of evergreen content, ideal for lead nurturing campaigns.

Powerful Communication

If you're thinking about starting a branded podcast, it's important to make sure you're giving your audience what they want. By focusing on topics that really matter to your listeners and presenting them in a way that feels personal and relatable, you can help build interest in your brand and create a loyal following.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

The Media and Branded Content Co.

Why are Branded Podcasts effective?
Let's examine the statistics

94% of listeners consume podcasts while performing other tasks. This mode of listening actually elevates engagement with the brand.

Branded Podcasts help generate lifts in awareness (↑89%), brand consideration (↑57%), brand favorability (↑24%), and purchase intent (↑14%).

The intimate and conversational nature of the podcast environment creates an elevated state of engagement (16% higher) for brand mentions and provides a 12% higher memory encoding.

Share your expertise with your audience through podcast marketing

It’s always nice to have someone reliable to help make things smoother. With a few simple steps, the process ahead becomes much easier, from brainstorming and putting ideas on paper to the final podcast edit.

Podcast Strategy 

Our team takes great care in analyzing every aspect of your business to create a branding and strategy plan for your podcast  that perfectly aligns with your unique goals and objectives. We understand that every business is different, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our approach is tailored to your specific needs. From market research and competitor analysis to message development and visual identity, our comprehensive branding and strategy process is designed to deliver results.

Podcast's Content plan

Our primary objective is to produce compelling narratives via Branded Podcasts. Our team is dedicated to helping you every step of the way, from crafting the storyline to identifying the ideal narrator. Rest assured that we are fully committed to providing you with the best possible assistance throughout the entire process.

Implementing and Publishing your Podcast

After we finalize the questions and confirm everyone's availability on a specific day, we proceed with the filming. Our team offers a comprehensive range of services including research, question preparation, filming, editing, and publishing to meet all your needs.

Branded podcasts work examples

iCONic Talks

A podcast dedicated to HR people that raises awareness on emotional health topics for teams and elevates trust between the audience and the hosting brand, Oana Nicolau Clinic, the mental health division of Regina Maria Healthcare Network.

Recolamp Podcast

As one of the first Branded Podcasts in Romania, Recolamp achieved awareness for the dangers of pollution and the long-term benefits of making sustainable lifestyle choices. By using the approach of promoting how the organisation responsibly collects and manages EEE waste, working closely with manufacturers to protect the environment. 

Research in the Spotlight

UEFISCDI partnered with us to provide an overview of the research community in Romania and Europe while also encouraging the drive for innovation.

The Human Side of Marketing 

In this series, our aim is to bring into the spotlight and show the human side of Marketing through the eyes of  Romanians working in communication and advertising both locally and globally. This human-centered initiative is created by humans for humans.


Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Branded podcasts are a form of audio content produced by companies to promote their brand, products, or services. Unlike traditional advertisements, these podcasts provide value to the podcast audience through engaging stories, interviews, or insights, all while subtly promoting the brand.

Podcast marketing is crucial because it allows companies to connect with their target audience in a more personal and engaging manner. With the rise of audio content consumption, a successful branded podcast can position a company as an industry leader and build trust with listeners.

There are various types of branded podcasts, including interview series, storytelling, educational content, and more. The format chosen often depends on the company’s goals and the interests of their target podcast audience.

To begin with podcast production, you might consider partnering with a podcast production company or agency that specializes in creating branded podcasts. They can guide you through the process, from conceptualization to recording and distribution.

The success of a podcast marketing strategy can be measured through metrics like listener count, episode downloads, listener engagement, and feedback. Collaborating with a podcast marketing agency can also provide insights into optimizing your strategy for better results.

The frequency of podcast episode releases depends on your content strategy and audience preferences. However, consistency is key. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, ensure you maintain a regular schedule to keep your podcast audience engaged.

A podcast marketing calendar helps in planning and organizing podcast content. Start by identifying key dates, themes, or events relevant to your brand. Then, brainstorm podcast episode ideas around these dates. Collaborate with a b2b podcast agency  for professional input.

A b2b podcast agency brings expertise in creating compelling podcast content tailored for businesses. They assist in everything from content creation, production, to distribution, ensuring your branded podcasts resonate with the target audience.

Podcast production companies offer end-to-end solutions for creating a podcast. They handle technical aspects, ensure high-quality audio content, and can even assist in content strategy, making the process seamless for brands.

To make your podcast series stand out, focus on delivering unique and valuable content. Understand your podcast audience’s preferences, collaborate with experts or influencers in your industry, and ensure high-quality podcast production.

Video-audio content, like branded podcasts, offers a unique way for brands to connect with their audience. It’s a more intimate medium, allowing listeners to consume content on the go, thereby increasing brand visibility and engagement.

Growing your company podcast listenership requires a mix of quality content, effective promotion, and engagement strategies. Collaborate with a podcast marketing agency for targeted promotions and leverage social media to reach a wider audience.