Editorial Planning / Waste Management



One of our clients in the Sustainability Industry was struggling to adjust their communication to the digital medium, especially as it offered a broad palette of B2B services that needed exposure.

Our solution

Immediately as they first assigned the editorial plan to us, our focus was on growing their brand visibility. We started with monthly planned blog articles that address different topics of interest for the intended audience, B2B businesses searching for the best, cost-effective solutions to their waste management challenges. We SEO optimize the content to not only be valuable but to reach the right audience, as well. We designed solution-oriented Ads, in an attempt to drift further from commercial approaches and instead invest in Brand Authority. And lastly, we demonstrated that evergreen content is the way to win by confirming it serves as the best way of starting a long-term ABM strategy.


We enhanced the brand’s visibility, improved its ranking on multiple SEO keywords, and continually grew the conversion rate for the website. The freshly-improved content and the brand’s growing presence in the digital space allowed us to think further, about ABM campaigns that have become a successful lead generation asset for our client.